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At RecoverRx KC Physical Therapy & Chiropractic, we help active people and athletes alike in the Kansas City area Recover from painful limitations, Rebuild functional movement patterns, and Redefine their future performance, allowing for a return to the sports and activities they love.

Have you experienced PT or chiropractic care where you get shuffled between therapists, see your therapist for just a few minutes then get handed off to an aide, or been told you need to come 3x/week when you know you could be doing more at home? 

At RecoverRx KC, we make a personal connection with our patients and always provide consistent care with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Chiropractic. Through hands-on therapy, education, and movement – our sessions are more effective allowing you to get to your optimal life in less visits!

RecoverRx KC Team

Portrait of a smiling man with short light brown hair and facial stubble, wearing a white Nike t-shirt, specializing in physical therapy and pelvic health, against a black background.

Dr. Josh Greenwell


Josh- the man the, the myth, the legend… well at least in the eyes of his kiddos. Realistically Josh is a man of simple tastes who enjoys the great outdoors, traveling, sports, and a tasty craft beer. More specifically he enjoys kayaking, biking/running trails, skydiving, walks with his wife, daughter, and two dogs, the culinary arts, and of course long trips to all you can eat sushi.

Josh was a collegiate soccer player at Western Illinois University and chose the field of chiropractic after working for a sports performance company in Chicago, Il. It was his appreciation of the positive effects chiropractic has on athletes of all ages that guided him to this professional setting

A portrait of a cheerful woman with light skin and pulled-back hair, wearing a beige top, smiling against a black background, specializing in physical therapy and pelvic health.

Dr. Becca Waldrup


Becca loves any and all sports (playing or watching), will always bleed purple for K-State, and has never met a chimichanga she didn’t like. On the weekends she loves to spend time with family and friends. She enjoys live music, anything from Celine Dion to Migos: Celine Dion is her all time favorite though.

Music. Mexican Food. Margaritas. That’s Becca.

Becca decided she wanted to be a physical therapist at her career day in 5th grade, when she saw for the first time the positive impact PT’s can have on people’s lives, and how physical therapy can provide the opportunity to get people back to doing what they love to do

A smiling woman with long blonde hair and glasses, wearing a gray t-shirt and black watch, standing in a physical therapy gym with various exercise equipment in the background.

Dr. Maggie Flynn


Maggie grew up in a small town outside of St. Louis and enjoys going back and visiting friends and family. She is a self proclaimed obsessed dog mom who loves to curl up with her Boxer and a glass of wine while watching some good reality television. She is an avid sports enthusiast: not only does she enjoy cheering on her St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs, but she played D1 basketball at the University of Missouri…M I Z! Outside of her love for sports and great TV,  she loves everything mid-century. If she isn’t at home listening to her favorite vinyl records, you can catch her at a swanky jazz lounge.

She graduated with her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University (fun fact: Maggie and Josh graduated in the same class). Playing years of basketball and volleyball caused her to develop back issues. Chiropractic brought her relief and changed her view on overall health. Because of her experience, she developed a passion to help people find relief so they can live pain free and enjoy the activities that bring them joy in their life. 

RecoverRx Approach To Care

1. Immediate direct access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Chiropractic without needing a physician referral.

2. Comprehensive Evaluation and Rehab protocol based on YOUR needs not what Insurance DICTATES

3. Consistent communication throughout your program with 24/7 access

4. Constant communication with your healthcare provider team for need of additional intervention and referral out

5. Enrollment in skilled maintenance program if appropriate following discharge from therapy to continue making gains towards your Life Goals!!

6. Above All Else…. A Professional, Fun, and Caring environment focusing on you as a per

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