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Why RecoverRx KC Physical Therapy & Chiropractic?

At RecoverRx Physical Therapy, we help active people and athletes alike in the Kansas City area Recover from painful limitations, Rebuild functional movement patterns, and Redefine their future performance, allowing for a return to the sports and activities they love.

a black and orange logo with the words physical therapy and chiropactic.
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Have you experienced PT or chiropractic care where you get shuffled between therapists, see your therapist for just a few minutes then get handed off to an aide, or been told you need to come 3x/week when you know you could be doing more at home? 

At RecoverRx KC, we make a personal connection with our patients and always provide consistent care with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Chiropractic. Through hands-on therapy, education, and movement – our sessions are more effective allowing you to get to your optimal life in less visits!

At RecoverRx Performance Physical Therapy You'll Always Receive:

-1-on-1 care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Chiropractic

-An Individualized Treatment Plan to Decrease Pain and Restore Function

-Flexible Hours and Consistent Care with the Same Therapist for Superior Service with Faster Results

-Frequency, Goals, & Treatments based on what is best for YOU, not what your insurance dictates

Use Every Setback, As a Comeback!

Our Effective 3 Step Process To Eliminate Your Pain & Achieve Your Goals

Step 1:

Determine the Real Cause of your Aches & Pains.

We’ll take you through a comprehensive assessment, finding your limitations as they pertain to your goals. This will allow us to identify underlying issues and come up with a treatment plan to get you back to full speed and strength. (No doctor’s order necessary).

Step 2:

Develop A Solution to Your Problem.

We offer an individualized treatment program tailored to your specific athletic demands. Our quality 1-on-1 care and attention will allow you to return to the activities and sports you love, all while avoiding unnecessary medicine, imaging, and surgery.​

Step 3:

Achieve & Maintain Optimal Performance!

With our comprehensive, professional follow-up visits and membership plans, you’ll be able to maintain optimal performance levels in all your activities while preventing additional injury down the road.

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