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Why RecoverRx Physical Therapy?

I’m Dr. Luke Greenwell. My story isn’t about how I conquered the world. It’s about how I stumbled, got up, and found a way to help others like you do the same.

Growing up in Quincy, IL, sports were my escape, my playground, and my proving ground. But I had this little hitch: I was as injury-prone as they come. If there was a way to get hurt, I’d find it, no matter how careful I was. High school was a blur of goals scored and games won, enough to land me a scholarship to play Division I soccer at Western Illinois University, where I continued to excel and earned All-Conference First Team honors multiple times. I was living my dream, but those pesky injuries stuck around. It got me thinking. Why was I always the one limping off the field? So, I turned my problem into my project. 

Physical therapy wasn’t just a career choice. It became my personal mission. I wanted to understand why bodies break and how they heal. Immersing myself in physical therapy studies led to several eye-opening medical mission trips in Haiti and Honduras, where I discovered my true purpose: making a real difference in healthcare. This drive fueled my journey to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Soon, I found myself in the corporate healthcare world, managing a clinic. But something was missing. 

The more I worked, the more I realized that healthcare isn’t just about treating… it’s about caring and really connecting with people. That’s when I joined forces with my wife, Sarah, at a local outpatient hospital clinic. We were a team, focusing on giving each person the attention they deserved. But then, a wild idea hit me. What if I could do this on my own terms? The concept of private pay physical therapy practice came into my orbit, and I began treating patients on the side out of my sister’s CrossFit gym. Life threw me a big decision then:  Accept an offer of a management-level position within the hospital system, responsible for eight clinics and over 75 staff, with a substantial salary bump? Or chase my dream of starting my own practice?

In 2019, I chose the dream. Then 2020 came (the year that needs no introduction) and the world turned upside down just as I was finding my feet. There were days I thought I was crazy for trying this. But with some incredible support – shoutout to my wife, Sarah, who’s been my rock – we didn’t just keep the lights on; we lit up a whole community. With some savvy business coaching and a whole lot of grit, my little practice started to grow. We focused on what mattered – helping active adults and young athletes get ahead of injuries before they happened. Fast forward to today, and I’m just blown away. We’ve built something special – not just a practice, but a community. 

Over a thousand people have walked through our doors, found relief, and got back to doing what they love.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because I think it’s important you know who’s on your team. I’m not just a guy with a degree; I’m someone who’s been in the thick of it, who’s fought through setbacks, and who genuinely cares about getting you back in the game.

Thanks for being here,

Dr. Luke Greenwell

At RecoverRx Physical Therapy, we help active people and athletes alike in the Chicagoland area Recover from painful limitations, Rebuild functional movement patterns, and Redefine their future performance, allowing for a return to the sports and activities they love.

Have you experienced PT where you get shuffled between therapists, see your therapist for just a few minutes then get handed off to an aide, or been told you need to come 3x/week when you know you could be doing more at home? 

At RecoverRx, we make a personal connection with our patients and always provide consistent care with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy. Through hands-on therapy, education, and movement – our sessions are more effective allowing you to get to your optimal life in less visits!

At RecoverRx Performance Physical Therapy You'll Always Receive:

1-on-1 care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

An Individualized Treatment Plan to Decrease Pain and Restore Function

Flexible Hours and Consistent Care with the Same Therapist for Superior Service with Faster Results

Frequency, Goals, & Treatments based on what is best for YOU, not what your insurance dictates

Use Every Setback, As a Comeback!

Our Effective 3 Step Process To Eliminate Your Pain & Achieve Your Goals

Step 1:

Determine the Real Cause of your Aches & Pains.

We’ll take you through a comprehensive assessment, finding your limitations as they pertain to your goals. This will allow us to identify underlying issues and come up with a treatment plan to get you back to full speed and strength. (No doctor’s order necessary).

Step 2:

Develop A Solution to Your Problem.

We offer an individualized treatment program tailored to your specific athletic demands. Our quality 1-on-1 care and attention will allow you to return to the activities and sports you love, all while avoiding unnecessary medicine, imaging, and surgery.​

Step 3:

Achieve & Maintain Optimal Performance!

With our comprehensive, professional follow-up visits and membership plans, you’ll be able to maintain optimal performance levels in all your activities while preventing additional injury down the road.

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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About RecoverRx in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

90+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Christine S.


“Dr Ariel is fabulous to work with! I saw her postpartum for 2 pregnancies, she listened to all my concerns and was able to provide so many resources to get my pelvic health back in tip top shape. She tailored specific workouts and regiments for my skill level, challenged me, provided endless amounts of information and education and tools to help me at home. She took her time didn’t rush the appointments, was prompt with scheduling and returning calls/emails. Dr Ariel has a wonderful demeanor, professional, caring, knowledgeable and a wonderful personality. Wish I would have seen her prior to pregnancy! I highly recommend seeing her for her services and I tell all my friends to go see her!”

- Philippa C.


“Luke did a fabulous job helping me rehab my rotator shoulder injury! He was so flexible on schedule with my work and travel and really exceeding all my expectations on the PT I got. I have had other issues like a knee repair procedure and had to live with middle of the day scheduling and standard canned approaches. Luke took the time with he and gave me the customized exercises I needed, worked with me on my lifting form to avoid future injuries, and did a variety of dry needle and other manipulation therapies that were very effective. I am back lifting and am really pleased with my progress! My knee had a short-term aggravation that he solved too during my other PT work which avoided more appointments and time challenges. I whole heartedly recommend Luke and his clinic for PT! Thank you so much, Luke! Great Work!”

- Adam M.


“Dr. David Bokermann was amazing to work with. I was referred to RecoverRX by a close friend because I was having a lot of shoulder pain. At one point I was having trouble just being able to put on deodorant because the pain was so bad. I though for sure that I was going to need to have surgery. I just figured I was getting old and all of the abuse that I put my arm through in my youth was catching up to me. Dr. David explained that I wasn’t going to need surgery and that what I had was a muscle imbalance. I signed up for 10 sessions with him and I am happy to say that I am pain free again. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”