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At RecoverRx Physical Therapy, we help active people and athletes alike in the Chicagoland area Recover from painful limitations, Rebuild functional movement patterns, and Redefine their future performance, allowing for a return to the sports and activities they love.

Have you experienced PT where you get shuffled between therapists, see your therapist for just a few minutes then get handed off to an aide, or been told you need to come 3x/week when you know you could be doing more at home? 

At RecoverRx, we make a personal connection with our patients and always provide consistent care with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy. Through hands-on therapy, education, and movement – our sessions are more effective allowing you to get to your optimal life in less visits!

RecoverRx Physical Therapy

Dr. Luke Greenwell, PT, DPT, CSMT, CSCS

Owner and Founder of RecoverRx

Dr. Luke Greenwell specializes in treating the injured athlete. In addition to his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, he is a Certified Spinal Manual Therapist trained in extensive manual & manipulative techniques. He is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and is passionate about returning people to the sport or activity they love. He is experienced in a multitude of interventions including but not limited to: instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, pain neuroscience education, vestibular/concussion interventions, therapeutic exercise, dry needling, and the use of slow motion video analysis for runners and overhead athletes. As an avid athlete himself, he knows the importance of getting better sooner and performing your best.

Some of his personal fitness accomplishments include playing D1 collegiate soccer, completing a half Ironman, and placing in two 8+ hour Adventure Races. He looks forward to passing on his competitive edge to his young daughter and son, and has found his greatest teammate in life, his wife, a fellow physical therapist.

Dr. David Bokermann, PT, DPT, C-SP

Lead Physical Therapist

David Bokermann has more than 8 years of clinical experience as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist. He has extensive knowledge in therapeutic interventions for such conditions as vertigo/dizziness, neck and back pain, acute and chronic sports injuries, neurological and degenerative disorders and post-concussion syndrome. He’s a certified Champion Performance Specialist, allowing him to more effectively treat all athletic populations through high-level performance therapy and rehabilitation. He has accrued 100 hours of continuing education in vestibular and concussion management, which helps him provide highly effective treatment in the field of concussion recovery.

His community outreach includes educational lectures and presentations on such topics as chronic pain management with therapeutic neuroscience education, sports and work concussions, and blood flow restriction therapy.

The field of physical therapy is incredibly rewarding for patients and practitioners alike, and David has always wanted to be a part of that dynamic process. His interest in the field occurred at an early age, watching his mother, a pediatric physical therapist, work one on one with individuals, impacting their lives in a positive manner. David earned his undergraduate degree in Health Science and clinical doctorate in physical therapy degree at Bradley University.
David enjoys spending time outdoors with his beautiful wife, Jen, and their 3 young children. Bicycling is his exercise of choice, and in his limited “free time,” he likes reading books on health and fitness.

Dr. Sarah Greenwell, PT, DPT, CSMPT

Operations Manager & Physical Therapist

Dr. Sarah Greenwell is the RecoverRx Team’s Operations Manager as well as Physical Therapist. She has always had a strong passion for building relationships with clients, getting and keeping things organized, and fine-tuning every detail of projects.

Sarah has been a Physical Therapist since 2012. She enjoys treating a variety of conditions but has a special interest in treating orthopedic and sport-related injuries and post-surgical conditions. She has a certification in Spinal Manual Physical Therapy and believes in using a manual approach to achieve early pain relief and then focusing on strength, mobility, and stability training to confidently return individuals to all their desired activities and passions.

She also enjoys working with people who have neurological conditions including post stroke, Parkinson’s, and MS; as well as individuals with poor balance and who are concerned about falls. By focusing on stability and functional task practice, she hopes to help all individuals improve their confidence and independence.
In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her amazing husband Luke, daughter, son, and black lab. Sarah loves anything outside including hiking, biking, running, and being at the beach. She is always looking for the next challenge; having completed a Marathon, ½ Iron Man, and Hustle Up the Hancock. She knows that victory is not always about being the best but being better than you were yesterday.

​Dr. Ariel Sernek, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, Pelvic Health Specialist

Dr. Ariel Sernek is our pelvic health specialist with over 5 years experience with all things pelvic health. Professionally, Ariel has completed a Pelvic Health certification through the American Physical Therapy Association as well as extensive course work in obstetrics physical therapy. While in PT school, she also authored a systematic review on a special test to utilize during pregnancy and presented it to the Illinois Physical Therapy Association conference.

Ariel earned her undergraduate degree in Biology (Pre-Health) at Saint Xavier University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Midwestern University.

Ariel was a previous college softball player at SXU, Chicago marathon finisher in 2017 and still enjoys being active today. Her favorite work out day is back and shoulders and she is learning crossfit. In her free time, Ariel enjoys working out with her husband, reading, crafting, and walking her red Siberian husky Blaze

Penelope Reyes, MS

Patient Care Coordinator

Penelope graduated from North Central College in 2021 with a Bachelors in Psychology and Exercise Science. She recently completed her Masters in Exercise Science from Aurora University. She is an integral part of our team, helping to optimize patient experience through scheduling, answering phones, and keeping the clinic running smoothly. 

Penelope grew up playing different sports like soccer and martial arts. She believes that there is a mind-body connection when it comes to physical therapy. She finds it important to understand how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect our physical health and vice versa. 

Her goals are to become a physical therapy assistant or health psychologist. In her free time, Penelope enjoys spending time with her family and dog, playing video games, reading and working out. 

RecoverRx Approach To Care

​1. Immediate direct access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy without needing a physician referral.

2. Comprehensive Evaluation and Rehab protocol based on YOUR needs not what Insurance DICTATES

​3. Consistent communication throughout your program with 24/7 access

4. Constant communication with your healthcare provider team for need of additional intervention and referral out

5. Enrollment in skilled maintenance program if appropriate following discharge from therapy to continue making gains towards your Life Goals!!

6. Above All Else…. A Professional, Fun, and Caring environment focusing on you as a per

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