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Sports Physical Therapy in Kansas City

Whether you are a 15 or 50 year old Athlete,
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At RecoverRx KC Performance Physical Therapy & Chiropractic, our goal is to get you/your athlete off the sidelines and back on the field, track, or gym floor! As athletes ourselves, we know the importance of getting better sooner and performing your best!

We have helped elite high school and college players, competitive CrossFitters, professional triathletes, and ultra runners. We have seen patients climb Mt. Kilimanjaro 6 months after ACL reconstruction, Clean and Jerk 185 lbs. following rotator cuff surgery, and run a marathon following 2 years of pain and not running. Whether you need help with your 1 rep max back squat, ability to hike 10 miles, play soccer on the weekends, or throw a baseball with your son – we should all be able to perform at an optimal level in any passion of ours.

​Is pain or fear or worsening/recurring injury keeping you out of the game?

A physical therapist specializing in pelvic health assists an older man doing a stretching exercise on a green turf floor, focusing on his back. Both are wearing athletic attire.
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We are here to help you find long term solutions!

Common Causes

  1. Injury: repetitive use of the same muscle groups without adequate mobility work or recovery time; sudden impact or load to the tissue
  2. Impaired Mechanics: stiffness in the joint or decreased flexibility in the muscles leads to decreased range of motion; weakness and muscle imbalance
  3. Chronic compensations: a previous injury or fear of future injury can lead to avoidance of activity in certain muscle groups while simultaneously causing overuse of other tissues.

RecoverRx KC Performance Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Approach

  1. Break the pain cycle through education, manual therapy, and increasing tissue mobility
  2. Improve the mechanics of the joints, muscles, and nerves in the area during daily functional tasks and exercise/sport specific activities
  3. Load the tissue to improve strength, power, and endurance to ensure that the tissues are prepared for all desired demands without being fearful of reinjury.

Treatment Techniques

  • Correct faulty posture
  • Improve joint mobility through manipulation and mobilizations
  • Improve tissue mobility through massage, instrument assisted mobilization, cupping, & dry needling
  • Decrease nerve sensitivity (numbness, tingling, radiating pain) through specific nerve exercises and neuroscience education
  • Slow motion video analysis for runners and overhead athletes
  • Progress plyometric and functional activities (running, jumping, cutting, squatting, bending, lifting, throwing, catching)
  • Concussion interventions

Important Things to Understand

  1. Tissues Heal. The body is designed to repair itself, but sometimes our system gets stuck in the inflammatory phase of tissue repair and needs a little help to move onto the recovery phase
  2. The true source of pain is often poorly correlated with x-ray and MRI imaging results. It is possible to have tissue damage on imaging that causes no pain or functional limitations. And it is possible to have pain with no visible findings on imaging – usually a result of nervous tissue over sensitivity.
  3. Soreness after exercise is not the goal, but it is also not always a sign of concern. True strength gains require an overload to the system which causes micro-damage. As that tissue recovers, it does so thicker and stronger than before. Soreness should be used as a way to monitor if the tissue is ready to take on more load, should stay at the current level, or should back down training intensity until the tissue is more prepared.
  4. Return to previous/desired activities is almost always possible through good education, proper mechanics, and progressive tissue loading.

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