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Vestibular Therapy in Kansas City

​Is dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, or impaired balance making it hard to get out of bed, drive, read, stand up, walk, and perform your normal work or home duties?

Vestibular therapy is a special form of rehabilitation targeted at improving and resolving issues related to the vestibular system (our inner ear). 

The vestibular system is a complex structure in charge of coordinating information received from the outside world and relaying that information to our brain. When that system is off, the way we perceive and take in the world becomes dysfunctional. The most common symptom is dizziness, or vertigo, but dysfunction can also come in the form of difficulty changing positions, blurry vision with head movement, feeling off, inability to maintain upright posture, getting pulled 1 way or the other, or inability to tolerate moving objects. 

The symptoms of vestibular system dysfunction come in many different varieties but all greatly impact our ability to move about our environment. At RecoverRx Performance Physical Therapy, our therapists have special training in the management of vestibular issues. Your therapist will perform a detailed evaluation assessing the health of your vestibular system. This will create an individualized treatment plan targeted at your specific goals. 

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Common Conditions we Treat:

  • Vertigo
  • BPPV
  • Vestibular Neuritis
  • Balance dysfunction
  • Dizziness- generalized or cervicogenic dizziness
  • Post concussion syndrome
  • Vestibular hypofunctioning

Vestibular Specific Treatments

  • Canalith repositioning (Epley Maneuver)
  • Habituation exercises for motion sensitivity
  • Vestibulo Occular Reflex training
  • Posture and balance training
  • Neck mobilization techniques
  • Aerobic exercise

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