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Welcome To RecoverRx Performance Physical Therapy and Chiropractic in Kansas City

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle due to an injury? Whether you’re unable to exercise, participate in your favorite sports, or engage in high-intensity workouts like CrossFit, we understand the frustration that comes with chronic pain.

If you’ve sought medical treatment in the past without success, we’re here to help. Our focus is on finding solutions for our clients so that you can continue to stay active and engaged in the activities you love.

Does This Sound Like You?

At RecoverRx KC, we’re dedicated to helping you live a pain-free life and achieve the high-performance goals you deserve. Not only will this improve your personal well-being, but it also allows you to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Don’t let an injury hold you back from living life to the fullest. Contact us today to learn how we can help you regain your physical health and fitness.

Orthopedic Injuries:

From CrossFit, Running or Strength Training to Yoga and Barre or simply keeping up with the kids and living an active lifestyle, we know how important it is for you to keep doing what you love. That’s why we will never tell you the solution is to simply just stop whatever you’re doing. By uncovering the root cause of the issue we are able to help you find long term solutions and continue moving pain free.

Neurological Issues:

A pregnant physical therapist specializing in pelvic health helps an older male patient with a leg stretch exercise on a therapy table in a clinic setting.

“Just rest and wait” is almost never the solution to a problem. We start with an in-depth exam to understand the symptoms, assess the balance system, check the coordination of the eyes, and review the cervical spine and overall motor control. Then we can tailor an individual and active rehab program to get you safely back to the things you love to do!

Who We Help

Active Adults

Who just need a little help (or a lot of help!) getting back to the activities they love after an injury or set-back.


Who want to safely increase their mileage while reducing the aches and pains, as well as lower their risk for injury.


Who want to continue pushing their limits, but are being held back by an injury or pain.

Lifters/Gym Enthusiasts

Who don’t want their pain and stiffness to interfere with their training goals and are tired of being told to “just stop lifting” or working out.

Active Women

Who have poured all their energy and love into their children, who have now grown, and want to enjoy this next phase of their life with their spouse without being slowed down by aging.

Busy New Moms

Who are struggling with feeling confident in their body and confused about how to start exercising again so they can get back to healthy activity and without having to worry about bladder leakage or pelvic pain.

Busy Professionals

Who need to keep their bodies performing at their best, without painkillers or visits to the GP.

Active Parents

Who know playing with their children is a lot easier and more enjoyable if they’re in less pain.

What Makes RecoverRx KC Different


One on One For A Full Hour With Your Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Chiropractic Every Visit

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality of care. Every session will be one on one with a doctor of PT or doctor of Chiropractic. No aids, no techs. Just individualized care for you with your doctor


24 Hour Response Time

We are 100% committed to your recovery. Throughout your rehab process your therapist will always be accessible for any questions you may have

Wholistic Care

You're More Than A Diagnosis

At RecoverRx KC PT and Chiropractic we take a look at the whole body. We are aware that the location of your pain is not always the cause. Not only do we improve your pain and reduce your symptoms, but we address the root cause of the issue and work to make your body more resilient in order to prevent further injuries.

Cost Transparency

You'll Never Get a Bill From Us Months Later After Your Visit

Unlike many physical therapy clinics- you won’t get any bills months following finishing PT. With RecoverRx KC PT and Chiropractic you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We Understand the Demands of Your Life and/or Sport

We walk the talk! As physical therapists who exercise and participate in a large variety of activities/sports ourselves we understand what it takes. While many physicians and physical therapists will simply tell you to stop your desired activity we understand that avoiding the things that you enjoy most because of an injury is no way to live. Because of our background we know the importance of keeping you in the activities you love and we find ways to modify your training so you can stay in your sport throughout the rehab process.

Want To Get Relief Faster?

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