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RecoverRx Performance Physical Therapy
17W775 Butterfield Rd, Ste 128, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, 60181
A physiotherapist palpates the abdomen of a female patient lying on a treatment table, highlighting a specific area with a red marker for focused pelvic health examination.

Job Details

Position: Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Therapist (Part-time to start)

Salary: $45,000 – $75,000 based on caseload – (Performance Bonuses as well)

Job Type: Part-Time 

  1. Qualifications: Post-Graduate Women’s and Pelvic Health Certification(s)
  2. Reliable, dependable, and a team player.


Full Job Description and Application

a gym with a row of exercise equipment.

About RecoverRx Physical Therapy - Our Story

Dr. Luke Greenwell started RecoverRx Physical Therapy in 2019 after he chose to leave a corporate management position in a Hospital System to create an environment where he can help people get out of pain and be the best version of themselves as they age.

Now 5 years later, at RecoverRx we’re not just redefining physical therapy; we’re pioneering a paradigm shift in orthopedic, women’s health, and overall population health. Our clinic stands as a sanctuary for holistic care, fitness-forward approaches, and a commitment to raising the standard of pelvic health and physical therapy. Here, it’s not just a job; it’s a mission to transform the industry and empower our patients to lead their healthiest lives.

Five people smiling in front of a red wall with the motivational quote "use every setback as a comeback" written in white. They wear sporty attire suitable for physical therapy, with some in orange and
Three panels showcasing physical therapists specializing in pelvic health at work. Left: a female therapist adjusting a patient's leg. Middle: a male therapist consulting notes. Right: another male therapist examining a shoe's

What is so unique about this position?

As a Part-Time Pelvic Health Therapist at RecoverRx, you won’t just treat patients; you’ll be a guide to recovery, advocate for women’s health, and contribute to our dynamic team. Your role extends beyond the clinic, engaging in patient holistic health, community education, and embodying our ethos of proactive care. Specializing in pelvic health, you’ll be a key player in our commitment to clinical excellence in this vital area, all while enjoying the benefits of a part-time schedule.

What You Need To Be Successful With Us:

Experiences and Skills

Background in pelvic health therapy – Experience in outpatient women’s health.

Personality Traits/Soft Skills

Reliable, dependable, and a team player – Confident, fun, open-minded, and hungry to grow – Possesses a growth mindset and empathy.

Three-Words That Describe Our Ideal Candidate!

Compassionate, Empathetic, Specialized.

Patient Care Philosophy

Embrace a holistic mindset focused on women’s wellness and lifelong health skills.

Clinic Culture and Alignment

Uphold Clinic Values of… 1. Do What’s Right 2. Be The Teammate You Wish You Had 3. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Being, 4. Accountability Drives Success 5. Advocate and Communicate.

Work Environment

Ready to join a dynamic team that prioritizes health and wellness personally and professionally – Open to flexible hours to support work-life balance.

A physical therapist specializing in pelvic health assists a woman lifting a kettlebell in a gym with the motivational phrase "use every setback as a comeback" on the wall.
A physical therapist specializing in pelvic health, dressed in an orange polo, assists a woman lying on a gym mat, stretching her raised left leg in a physical therapy room with exercise equipment in the background.
A man in glasses is coaching another man who is bench pressing in a gym with orange and black equipment, specializing in physical therapy and pelvic health.