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The Iron Strong Podcast

The Iron Strong Podcast is a podcast devoted to helping people optimize their health through performance, recovery, nutrition, and mindset. We will be bringing on leaders in these fields to discuss trending topics and research supported techniques to help you optimize your health now and in the future.

Co-hosted by Dr. Luke Greenwell and Guy Petruzzelli. Dr. Luke Greenwell has his Doctorate of Physical Therapy as well as his Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification with a post-doctorate degree in Spinal Manual Therapy with an emphasis on sports medicine. He is a former D-1 soccer player with 8+ years of experience in rehabilitating injured athletes and owns RecoverRx Physical Therapy. Coach Guy Petruzzelli is a Professional Duathlete as well as Level 2 CrossFit Coach, POSE Method Running Coach, Power Speed Endurance Coach, and has his Precision Nutrition Certification. They both enjoying collaborating to help anyone and everyone perform better in the gym and throughout their lifespan.

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Episode Summary
This is the first episode of the Iron Strong Podcast. Dr. Luke Greenwell (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and Guy Petruzzelli (professional duathlete) introduce themselves as well as introduce the podcast where they will inform you on how to optimize your health using performance, recovery, nutrition and mindset.

Episode Summary
​​In this episode Dr. Luke and Coach Guy explore their childhoods as well as their journey to where they are now, including trials and tribulations they experienced along the way. There are some great takeaways about strategies to optimize health. This is a good one, and we apologize for the audio troubles. Enjoy!

Episode Summary
In this episode Dr. Luke and Coach Guy sit down with CrossFit Iron Flag Owner and Dr. Luke’s older sister, Kelly McGriff-Culver, to discuss her journey towards optimal health and business ownership. We explore her early days growing up and the people that influenced her along the way. Despite many challenges, such as being a single mom and opening a business, she has remained extremely positive and goal oriented along her journey to where she is now, a successful business owner and role model for her children and women in the community.

Episode Summary
In today’s episode we bring on Coach Violet Maka from CrossFit Iron Flag. Violet has a background as a collegiate basketball and soccer player as well as being a Registered Nurse. She is one of the hardest working people I know in regards to achieving her goals in the gym. We talk about her journey in youth and collegiate sports that lead her to nursing and CrossFit as well as tackling fear of failure along the way.