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Thanks for checking back in to the blog. It’s been about a month since my last post, and I’ve had a lot going on including starting a podcast (The Iron Strong Podcast). If you haven’t checked it out, do so now! We’re talking about optimizing health through performance, fitness, recovery, and mindset. We have already put out 3 great episodes already. 

The podcast topic brings me in to my blog topic today “Consuming vs Doing.” This is a hot topic right now, and one I have been wanting to touch on. Have you ever had someone brag about reading 1 book a day for a year, but are never able to implement the ideas from the book due to moving on to the new content (yep, it happens). There are many reasons we consume content at scale. “Consuming content” can feel like your are accomplishing something, and at times is a good thing but, it is a much easier route, than performing something consistently to solve a problem.

In today’s world, with the infinite amount of information on the web and consistent stream of information coming from “experts” around the globe, we are inundated with suggestions of what we “should be” doing to fix specific ailments, what diets to perform, what to do with our money, how to start a business etc…. As you all know this can be paralyzing at times and lead to inaction due to “Fear of Doing The Wrong Thing” or even worse sometimes is “Giving up on the process to Early.” Has anyone ever spent hours researching Google Reviews about something like the right massage tool, and then not purchased it, only to go back several days later to research further? This is all driven by Fear of selecting the wrong one based on others suggestions


There is no doubt that this holds people back from accomplishing their goals or tasks they have set in front of them. What I have started to implement more recently, and is being suggested by many “High Achievers” out there is the idea of “Doing before Consuming.”  How many of you have gone to Dr. Google for medical advice, only to go down the rabbit hole of your ailments and possible diagnoses before going to see your PCP. (I’ll raise my hand on this one.) Again, you are consuming before doing, which is delaying the inevitable and only giving you more options and decisions to make. 

Ok, I’m climbing out of the soap box now, but you get where I’m coming from Right? Now let’s tie this back to your Physical Being (i.e. your body).  If you are reading this blog, you have likely encountered an injury of some kind and many of you have sought my treatment for a solution to your problem. With that being said, How many of you have researched your injury online, watched videos on what to do to decrease your pain and address your injury, asked friends and family for advice on what to do, or even have seen multiple practitioners who offered their own solutions to solve your issue?? (Yep, guilty again..) Again FEAR is a major driver in this process and also a major inhibitor to progress. I certainly am dealing with things at this time I need to address and FEAR is stopping me.  

What I am suggesting as a solution to this “FEAR BLOCK” is as simple as it sounds, START DOING INSTEAD OF CONSUMING SO MUCH. You need to take action on your problems. Outline your 3 main fears from taking action on your problem and address them. Then take action. You’ll be amazed how much stress will come off you and open up your time and resources to do things that matter, instead of worrying about the decision. More often than not for most decisions, the outcome from doing things early (and failing if needed) is much more positive than waiting and procrastinating all the while trying to consume more information to make the “Right” decision. 

If you are struggling with what you think is a musculoskeletal issue, find a physical therapist or musculoskeletal expert in your area, and they will help come up with a plan to address your issues. This will be your best and most effective step towards solving your problem and get you out of the paralysis of decision making.

So pick one area of content that you can stop consuming information on and instead perform an action towards solving the issue. 

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed. My next blog, I will tie back to Physical Therapy and Rehab, so don’t hesitate to check back in. 

Dr. Luke

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